About Us

Mysterium Jewellery exists to support and address the jewellery and gift needs for those of you who have a fascination and affinity towards or even just a passing interest in the symbols and world of myth, legend, history and the Arts Magical.

We became aware of a distinct gap in the market for the direct purchase of a wide range of good quality, affordable, historical and magically themed jewellery. We set the high standard in this unique marketplace of concept jewellery. Extensive research goes into the historical heritage and provenance of each piece and our designs are authentic to the esoteric and cultural roots.

Many of the products that we offer come with detailed descriptive leaflets within the individual packaging. These explain the background and purpose of the jewellery pieces and give you, the new owner, a meaningful relationship with your new purchase as well as real value for money.

Our myriad of jewellery choices includes Viking, Celtic, Myth and Magic, Wicca, Gothic, Egyptian, Runic, Aztec, Kabbalah and even Voodoo ranges. We also offer related gifts such as tarot bags, rune stones, divining rods, books and pendulums.

Here at Mysterium, we pride ourselves on fast and friendly customer service from our experienced and knowledgeable team. We always go above and beyond to ensure we're an efficient, helpful point of contact at all times.

Our mission is to continually develop and find fresh new products and we love to hear our customers' feedback, comments and suggestions. Please join us on our social media outlets or write to us. Our vision is inspired by Britain's native heritage and we are honoured to support craftsmen and manufacturers in the British Isles as well as overseas.