Azteca Alma


In Aztec religion there were five ages, or ‘Five Suns’. Each of these ages had a different Aztec Sun God, and each age ended in disaster. The Aztecs (or ‘Mexica’) and their deities occupied the three realms; the celestial realm in the sky, inner earth realm and the outer earth realm.


Product description

Aztec Mythology is the collection of legends of the Nahuatl speaking groups of Central Mexico, and much of their folklore is reminiscent of other Mesoamerican cultures. Their archaic traditions are carefully researched and honoured to create an evocative selection of talismans that give an insight into the Azteca tribal treasures. Comes with a chain, satin pouch, comprehensive leaflet with all meanings, in cello bag

Weight: 0.0208 kg
Width: 1 cm
Length: 11 cm
Height: 13.5 cm