How to Decorate Your Wiccan Altar for Autumn Equinox

The lilting notes of the seven-toned pipes whisper through the glades, as the Lord of the Woodlands plays his Autumn song. The time for rest and renewal is approaching and all things look towards their rest. The bounty of the second harvest, of the fruits, nuts and seeds is ready to be gathered in, under the watchful gaze of the All-Mother. It is She who gives, and also She that takes, so all thoughts turn to the gathering Dark ahead. All is balanced once again for but a moment, as we bid the time of Light farawell.
Be sure to decorate your altar with all the things that represent the season of the Autumn Equinox to you, so that you can enjoy prosperity, abundance, and gratitude during this time of year. Here are some ideas:

Autumnal colours

The colors of Autumnal fruits are appropriate this
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