Gemstone talismans

For thousands of years, gemstones have been used for healing, protection, and for adornment. Amber was probably the first crystal used for decoration. It is found in Stone Age deposits, as is Jet. Neolithic people were accompanied to the Next World by polished crystal mirrors and gemstone beads. To ancient people, crystals were sacred gifts from Mother Earth. As time went on, they retained their magical and spiritual qualities. Priests, medicine men and women, rulers, and shamans wore the powerful gems as symbols of spiritual and temporal authority. Talismans and amulets also have been used for protection since time immemorial. Made from precious stones, they are imbued with a magical, protective force and, in many cultures, are believed to carry a divine essence.

In Egypt, gold, silver, and precious stones were used for amulets and talismans because they were considered

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